Do you need a few extra hands? Or do you want to temporarily strengthen your hardware or software development team with an experienced electronic engineer? Then you have come to the right place at EmDev! Because I am at home in both embedded hard and software, I am able to have these work together optimally, which benefits the price and quality of your product. You can also contact me for further support. This includes replacing obsolete components, upgrading old designs and testing your design.

Safety and inspections

Before I started EmDev, I worked for ten years as a senior embedded hard- and software engineer in the development department of ThyssenKrupp stairlifts. Since the stairlift is regarded as a medical product, I had a lot to do with all kinds of safety systems and inspection authorities during this period. Experience and knowledge that comes in handy when developing your security-related systems. Think of machine directive, SIL level, redundant systems, FMEA sessions, etc.


EmDev also has the necessary experience in the field of EMC. Not only when routing PCB boards, but also when developing embedded firmware. As a result, the costs of the (mandatory) CE inspection can remain limited since the critical hardware and software parts have already been optimized in advance.
Have a look at some of my projects here .


I regularly work with fellow developers. Sometimes because they have specific knowledge that I like to use, sometimes because the customer wants to see his development spread over several providers, but also because it is simply more fun to spar with an experienced colleague.

I would like to mention two fellow developers:

Martin van Ginkel, owner of PWR ELECTRON in Renswoude and
Henk Bliek, owner of Whitebream in Oud Beijerland.

More information

Are you interested in one of my support services and do you want to know more about it? Or would you like more information about my experience in the field of safety and inspections? Feel free to contact me by sending an email to .